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Yahia Zoubir
KEDGE Business School, Marsille
Primary Phone: +33-614-415-336
Secondary Phone: +33-491-827-347
Fax: +33-491-827-983
KEDGE Business School
Domaine de Luminy-BP921
Marseille Cedex 9 13288
Yahia H. Zoubir is Professor of International Studies and International Management, and Director of Research in Geopolitics at KEDGE Business School, Marseille, France. His recent works include: The Routledge Companion to China and the Middle East and North Africa, Editor, Routledge, 2023; Conflict and Peace in Western Sahara: The Role of the UN’s Peacekeeping Mission (MINURSO), Co-Editor with Besenyő János & Joseph Huddleson. Routledge, 2023; The Politics of Algeria: Domestic Issues and International Relations, Editor, Routledge, 2020; North African Politics Change and Continuity, Co-Editor with Gregory White, Routledge, 2016; Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century (coedited with Degang SUN), World Affairs Press, Beijing, 2014; Algeria and China: Shifts in Political and Military Relations, Global Policy (2023); Algeria in the Sahel: Stability and Security, with Abdelkader Abderrahmane, Politique Etrangère (2022); China in the Southern Mediterranean: Integrating the Greater Maghreb in the New Silk Road, Mediterranean Politics (2022); North Africa in International Relations, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies;. China’s foreign policy pragmatism and influence in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia,” Orient IV; China’s Health Silk Road in the MENA amidst COVID-19 and a Shifting World Order,” with Emilie Tran, Journal of Contemporary China (2022); Securing China’s ‘Latent Power’: The Dragon’s Anchorage in Djibouti, with Degang Sun, Journal of Contemporary China; Resisting Change: Contrasting Tunisian and Algerian Authoritarian Regimes’ Management of Islamism and its Outcomes, with Chuchu Zhang, Middle East Policy (2021). Dr. Zoubir serves on the board of numerous international academic journals and is also an international consultant for governments and businesses.
International Relations/Affairs
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Foreign Relations
Maghreb Studies
Geographic Areas of Interest
All Middle East
Democztn-ME, US Frgn Policy, Bus Environ
Maghrebi Pol Parties, W Sahara Cnflt
Soc Mvmt, Frgn Policy-Maghrebi States
Arabic (advanced)
French (advanced)
German (elementary)
PhD | 1985 | Sch of Intl Srvc | Amer U-Washington
Reshaping International Relations: Algeria's Foreign Policy Under Boumedienne The United States and Algeria: From Antagonism to Pragmatism and Strategic Partnership The Dynamics of Security Relations in North Africa: The Effects of the Arab Revolts Tunisia’s Security: The Democratic Transition’s Achilles Heel Algeria at Fifty-five: Authoritarian Rule by Other Means The Giant Afraid of Its Shadow: Algeria, the Reluctant Middle Power China’s Projections in the Maghreb and Egypt: Can China Supplant Western Powers? Twenty-Years of Bouteflika’s Sultanist Rule: The Endurance of Neopatrimonialism New Geopolitical Dynamics and External Rivalries in the Maghreb The ‘New Algeria’ since the Fall of the Sultanistic Regime: Reforms or Continuity by Other Means China’s Integration of the Greater Maghreb into the Belt & Road