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Jonathan Parkes Allen
University of Maryland, College Park
Post-Doctoral Fellow
University of Maryland
1220 Jimenez Hall
College Park MD 20740
United States
I study early modern Ottoman religious history, with a focus on Sufism and 'mystical philosophy,' 'reform' tendencies and movements, 'confessionalization' or the lack thereof, popular piety, canonical and semi-canonical text circulation, reception, translation, and exegesis, and religious polemic and contestation, from within a socio-cultural framework overall. While my current work focuses on Islamic history (primarily in Anatolia, Syria, and Rumelia), I would like to eventually incorporate the history of other confessional communities in the Empire, as well as work towards a better integration of Ottoman religious and cultural history with the larger Mediterranean and Eurasian context.
Sub Areas
Ottoman Studies
13th-18th Centuries
History Of Religion
Islamic Studies
Mysticism/Sufi Studies
Geographic Areas of Interest
All Middle East
Ottoman Empire
Mediterranean Countries
Ottoman Religious History, Manuscript Studies, Print History, History Of Textuality
Early Modern Sufism And Islamic Reformism, Saints And Sainthood In Islam
Popular Piety, History Of Devotion
Arabic (advanced)
French (intermediate)
German (intermediate)
Armenian (elementary)
Persian (intermediate)
Ottoman (intermediate)
Turkish (elementary)
PhD | 2019 | History | University of Maryland
MA | 2010 | History | University of Tennessee
BA | 2007 | History | William Carey University
Traversing Geographies of Power and Sanctity: Taha al-Kurdī’s Encounters with 18th Century Ottoman Political Power and Identity