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Yigit Akin
Ohio State University
Associate Professor
Department of History, Ohio State University
342 Dulles Hall, 230 Annie & John Glenn Ave.
Columbus OH 43210
United States
I am an associate professor of history at Ohio State University. My research interests include social and cultural history of the late Ottoman Empire and early Republican Turkey, with a particular focus on the First World War and its aftermath, war and society, nationalism, gender, and social movements. I am the author of "Robust and Vigorous Children": Physical Education and Sports in Early Republican Turkey (Iletisim, 2004) and, most recently, When the War Came Home: The Ottomans' Great War and the Devastation of an Empire (Stanford, 2018), which examines the social and cultural dimensions of Ottoman society’s catastrophic experience of the First World War and analyzes the impact of the war on the empire’s civilian population. I co-edit the Ottoman Empire/Middle East section of 1914-1918-online: International Encyclopedia of the First World War.
Sub Areas
Cultural Studies
Middle East/Near East Studies
Ottoman Studies
Turkish Studies
World History
Geographic Areas of Interest
All Middle East
Ottoman Empire
War And Society
Late Ottoman History
PhD | 2011 | History | Ohio State University
MA | 2003 | Ataturk Inst | Bogazici U, Istanbul
Total War and Politics of Sacrifice in the Ottoman Home Front, 1914-1918 Peasants & War: Ottoman Countryside during World War I “Damn you, Enver Pasha!”: Popular Perceptions and Remembrance of War and Death in the Ottoman Empire War, Gender and the State: Soldiers' Families in the Ottoman Home Front during World War I Post-War Peace, Popular Politics, and the “Ethnicization” of the Ottoman Public Sphere, 1918-1920