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Matt Buehler
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
University of Tennessee 1001 McClung Tower
Knoxville TN 37996
United States
Matt Buehler is an associate professor of political science and a global security fellow at the University of Tennessee’s Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy, where he researches contemporary politics of the Middle East and North Africa. He has held research fellowships at Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative at the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Georgetown University’s Center for International and Regional Studies in Qatar. He serves as an editor at the journal Mediterranean Politics, and co-editor of the Edinburgh Series on the Maghreb book series with Edinburgh University Press. He is author of Why Alliances Fail: Opposition Coalitions between Islamists and Leftists in North Africa (Syracuse University Press, 2018). His book received the 2019 best book award from the Southeast Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Society (SERMEISS), a regional MESA-affiliate. He was a recipient of a 2018 Early Career Excellence in Research and Creative Achievement Award from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Tennessee.
Political Science
Sub Areas
Maghreb Studies
Geographic Areas of Interest
Islamist Politics
Arabic (advanced)
French (intermediate)
PhD | 2013 | Government | University of Texas at Austin
MA | 2010 | Department of Government | University of Texas at Austin
Co-optable Coalitions? The Success and Failure of Left-Islamist Alliances in Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania Corruption at the Courthouse? Evidence from a List Experiment on Citizen Attitudes of Morocco’s Judicial System Bribes and Judges: Results from an Original Survey on Citizen Perceptions of Judicial Corruption in Morocco Pocketbook Prejudice? Exploring Xenophobia towards African Migrants and Refugees in Morocco AIDS Anxieties: A New Explanation for Opposition to Refugees and Migrants in North Africa Racism and Labor Market Threat (Mis)Perceptions: An Original Survey Exploring Moroccan Attitudes about sub-Saharan Migrants The Lost Colony: American Power in Morocco