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De-constructing the Authoritarian Policies in Egyptian Prisons after 2013: Implementing on Education
In the aftermath of the July 3, 2013, coup in Egypt and Rabaa massacre, human rights organizations have reported an estimated 60,000 political detainees. While detailed estimated of the demographics of detainees are unavailable, given the nature of protests and arrests, many of those detained were taken from university campuses and protests followed Rabaa Massacre. This paper aims to study the right to education in Egyptian prisons between 2013-2022. The paper tracks the developments of both regime policies and practices across several prisons. Educational policies are particularly relevant to understanding the continuities and discontinuities of authoritarian practices after critical junctures. I argue that continued studenthood is a form of resistance. To do so, I conduct a series of interviews with 20 former detainees and explore their lived experiences in navigating both the defacto and dejure realities of Egypt’s carceral state.
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