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Literary Representations of Black Peoples in the Arab and Non-Arab Middle East Exemplified in Haji Jabir's novel "Black Foam"
Abstract by Naglaa Hussein On Session I-26  (Racializing Arab Cultures)

On Thursday, November 2 at 3:00 pm

2023 Annual Meeting

Description: The relationship between Africa and the Middle East is complex. Trade, conquest, slavery, colonialism, nation-building and globalization have contributed to this complexity. One of the most consequential implications has been ethnic intermixing and the racialization of Africans living in Middle East countries. This panel investigates the conditions and mobilization of African groups in North Africa and Israel. It does so from a literary, cultural, economic and political perspectives. The paper poses the questions: How does Haji Jabir represent Black/African mobilization and struggle for identity? , What are the historical ties between Israel and Ethiopia and how is it manifested in The Black Foam? How does literary representation of Black peoples affect their political and social mobilization in the Middle East?
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