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The Complexities of the Current Political Scene and Future Prospects of Yemen
The armed conflict in Yemen has entered the threshold of its eighth year, without tangible indications of the end of the Yemeni crisis, given the many militaries, political and economic complications, and regional interventions in its tracks and course, in addition to the set of interests that warlords and parties to the conflict derive from the continuity of this war that has created massive destruction in all walks of life. There is no doubt that the regional political rapprochement, whose features have begun to surface, especially between regional countries battling for influence, may play a role in resolving the Yemeni crisis, but it remains insufficient to end the armed conflict in Yemen unless there is an integrated vision among the region’s regimes, to achieve a solid and lasting peace and comprehensive reconciliation in Yemen. Especially since the war in Yemen has become a hybrid in which the ideologically and politically contradictory local and regional forces overlap, which made the Yemeni crisis not remain in place and become more complex with the prolongation of the war, without a clear vision of the parameters of the Yemeni future. The current conflict in Yemen has entered a very complex stage, after the failure of all regional and international efforts, during the past seven years. As it failed to create any rapprochement between the parties to the conflict. Particularly if this conflict continued at this pace and with these complexities, would push Yemen into a long-term phase of the civil war, which no one can predict its end and future consequences. If one of the parties has not been able to resolve it militarily in its favor, and all efforts to force the warring parties to sit at the negotiating table have failed to preserve what can be left of the parts of Yemen map in the future. This paper will focus on these political complications in Yemen, the consequences of the current war, and the prospects for the Yemeni future.
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