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A textual and visual analysis of ISIS Media Channels for Women
The research looks at the 3 Turkish channels on telegram targeting woman who sympathize with ISIS/DAESH, "Woman Dawah", "Zikr" and "Kitap". The content from these three channels between January 30th to February 12th 2017 was collected and coded to analyze the visual and textual content. Each channel has a subscription of minimum 1,000 followers and the channels have been active for at least a six month period before the collection of the data. The analysis helps answer the questions of how the content for women is visually and textually different from the mainstream channels of Telegram, and the motivations behind these differences. The online material of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the platform Telegram has been analyzed in the literature on topics including and not exclusive: About to Die Images, Child Martyrs, Recruitment Campaigns, and Propaganda (Behr et al. 2013; The Carter Center 2015; The Carter Center 2017; Furedi 2015; Gil et al. 2017; NATO 2016; Wignell 2017; Winkler et al. 2016; Winkler et al. forthcoming; Winter October 2015; Winter July 2015; Winter 2018). The statistical analysis of the content will help answer the questions on the gender biases, the attitudes (positive vs negative) and the types of visuals (educative, violent and gendered). The paper helps to develop the differences of propaganda geared towards women by ISIS and illuminate how they contextualize women.
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