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Professional Development Workshop Proposal Writing and Research Design: How to Fund Your Ideas

Session IV-04, 2022 Annual Meeting

On Friday, December 2 at 11:00 am

Special Session Description
Those embarking on academic careers must master the art of writing proposals for research funding. Whether you are conducting research for a dissertation or book or seeking support¬ for a special project-locating and securing funding is critical. This workshop will provide expert guidelines on how to write compelling proposals from the initial phrasing of the research question, step by step, to the research outcomes, significance, dissemination, and public outreach. It will also address such issues as identifying and working with funding agencies, effectively communicating research methodology and goals, preparing budgets, and planning for the dissemination of results. The workshop will be led by Suad Joseph, Distinguished Research Professor at University of California, Davis. She has taught proposal writing and led workshops for students, faculty, administrators, and NGO practitioners for over 30 years. Information about proposal writing may be found on Dr. Joseph’s website at Before the workshop, please browse Professor Joseph’s website and read the document, “Components of a Humanities/Social Sciences Research Proposal”: