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Writing as/for activism

Workshop IV-30, sponsored byMERIP, 2023 Annual Meeting

On Friday, November 3 at 11:00 am

Workshop Description
Scholarly research often produces critical knowledge that can sway public opinion, change policies and inspire action. However, writing as/for activism requires learning new ways of developing, executing and disseminating that knowledge. In this workshop, the MERIP team will guide attendees through the process of writing as a form of activism. Building on MERIP’s activist history and long standing style guide, the facilitators will provide tangible guidance to participants and will outline how writing for non-academic audiences differs from scholarly writing. The first section of the workshop will focus on conceptual questions of how and why writing creates change and where to find ideas for articles. The second section will delve into the mechanics of writing for a non-specialist audience and of writing from a political standpoint. This section will include everything from constructing a compelling argument to what kind of language to use to how to draw on existing research. The final section will provide guidance on sharing writing, including how to identify audiences, select outlets or communication channels and find partnerships to increase reach. We welcome all MESA participants to attend this workshop and will provide ample time for questions and answers.
  • Mandy Terc -- Organizer, Presenter
  • Dr. Katherine Natanel -- Presenter