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Professional Development Workshop: Careers for Middle East Experts at the US Department of State

Session V-20, 2022 Annual Meeting

On Friday, December 2 at 1:30 pm

Special Session Description
The methodological training, subject-matter expertise, language skills, and regional experience that scholars of the Middle East acquire during their graduate studies not only prepares them for academia, but also prepares them for public service, especially in America's lead foreign affairs agency, the U.S. Department of State. This workshop will discuss different career paths and offices within the State Department that value the skills of historians, social scientists, and other Middle East experts — and how joining the State Department, or other similar Federal government agencies, provides the opportunity to make an impact working on high priority issues, such as human rights, the environment, energy, foreign assistance, humanitarian aid, public health, security, the economy, and diplomacy. This workshop seeks to highlight the kinds of opportunities available, and how academics can find openings at the State Department and in the Federal government more generally.
  • Mr. Joseph Yackley -- Discussant
  • Dr. Steven Galpern -- Presenter
  • Dr. Rita Stephan -- Presenter
  • Aaron Faust -- Organizer
  • Maro Youssef -- Presenter
  • Dunia Andary -- Presenter